Institute for Coexistence with Wildlife

experts solving problems caused by wildlife in a humane, non-lethal and sustainable way

The Institute for Coexistence with Wildlife, the ICWildlife, provides solutions on its own initiative and on commission. It brings together experts in technology, animal behaviour, population biology and robotics. Combining disciplines to reach sustainable solutions and implement them. Solutions without killing animals, but teaching animals something new to allow for sustainable coexistence. 

As humans we do not own the world. We live together with other living beings. Nature is delicate.

Our focus at the moment is with the wolf. Wolves are wonderful animals and we would like to clarify that cohabitation with wolves is quite possible. If we are aware that wolves can learn not to target sheep, we have achieved a lot for coexistence with wolves.

Scientifically, we have been able to show that wolves by no means always kill sheep. One important reason is that young wolves do not always gain experience with sheep in their upbringing. If the parents don’t kill sheep, the young wolves won’t either. So if you want to prevent problems, you should at least also influence the upbringing. You can see how to do that in this animation (contact us for an English version). We made this animaltion together with House of Animals. New, additional methods are really needed, as standard electric fencing can be ineffective or even counterproductive with experienced wolves. Our new apporaches will be tested in Slovenia in 2024/2025.

Furthermore, a scientific study was accepted for publication in January 2024 that uses modern models to show a kind of wolf weather forecast. This was done in collaboration with C-Motions mathematicians. This allows you to predict where a wolf pair is most likely to settle. News on this will follow soon.

The photo is by Stefano Ronchi