Institute for Coexistence with Wildlife

The Institute for Coexistence with Wildlife, ICWildlife, is a Dutch idealistic cooperation between specialists of different disciplines. 

For more information, please contact the members of the board.

The members of the board are:

dr D.W. van Liere (dvanliere”at”

dr Nynke Osinga (nosinga”at”

drs Karen Soeters (ksoeters”at”

dr Dušanka Jordan (djordan”at”

Short resumé of members of the board of the Institute for Coexistence with Wildlife:

Dr Diederik van Liere is biologist and statistical analyst. He received his PhD in animal behaviour. He started in 2001 CABWIM wildlife research and consultancy. His drive is to find non-lethal solutions for problems that wildlife may cause. Examples are rook colonies near houses (assignments in Netherlands, Germany, Luxemburg, Switzerland), geese that eat production vegetation or cross a runway at an airport, raptors that kill free range chickens, wolves that kill sheep, gulls that cause nuisance at boulevards or platforms at sea.

Dr Dušanka Jordan is an assistant professor at the University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Animal Science, Slovenia. She received her PhD in Agricultural Sciences at the University of Hohenheim, Germany. Her main field of work is animal behaviour and welfare. In the last years her work has focused also on wild animals with the emphasis on using ethological principles in finding solutions for problems caused by wild animals (wolf attacks on sheep). On this topic she is working together with Dr Nataša Siard of the same faculty, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia), Dr Diederik van Liere and the Slovene Educational Society Noah School

Karen Soeters MSc teaches media psychology and media ethics at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam at the Institute for Media, Information and Communication. She is the founder of House of Animals with a reach of almost 2 million unique visitors in 2017, the largest animal news site in the Netherlands. Since August 2007 Karen has been director of the Nicolaas G. Pierson Foundation. She was project leader of the much-discussed climate film “Meat the truth”, responsible for the subsequent documentaries “Sea the truth”, “The hare in the marathon” and the shorter visual documents about mega stables and unanaesthetised ritual slaughter. She edited the book ‘Sea the Truth, essays on overfishing, pollution and climate change’ and Meat the Future.

Dr. Nynke Osinga is a specialist trained in marine mammal protection and prevention of human disturbances in their habitat. The Netherlands are densely populated and also the North sea is intensively exploited. So interferences with animal habitat and animal interests are bound to happen. Concern about mammal populations is the mainspring of Nynke’s drive and research. There are many similarities between marine and terrestrial mammals in the cause and prevention of human-anmal conflicts. She is also board member of Stichting Rugvin, coordinating its monitoring program for porpoises and dolphins in the North Sea. Nynke has also specialized in nature education and holds a board position at IVN Noord-Groningen.